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Decentralized Identifiers

Cermic comes with a suite of tools and APIs to interact with and manage decentralized identifiers (DIDs). DIDs require no central authority - users control their data and whom they share it with.

DID Methods

We encourage using the did:pkh DID method which generates a persistent id from a wallet address’s public key hash. This enables one-click sign-on with your wallet to many apps on Ethereum, and soon on many other chains including Solana. We also support the Ceramic-created 3ID method which acts as an aggregator for multiple accounts and can handle multiple keys simulatneously.

DID Sessions

DID-Sessions is a library for providing a familiar, "web session"-like experience. Users no longer have to sign every single action they take within an app - during a timebound period of time they can authorize the app developer to act on their behalf. DID-Sessions outputs verifiable, serializable objects that store information about which DIDs authenticated them, what capabilities they are authorized with and for how long.