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Getting Started

What is Ceramic?

Ceramic is a shared data network for managing verifiable data at scale, combining the trust and composability of a blockchain with the flexibility of an event-driven architecture to help organizations get more value from their data.

Ceramic provides developers with a shared data network that offers verifiable trust and interoperability, allowing them to leverage reusable data models, collective network effects and modular applications so they can focus on building and growing their unique vision.

What is ComposeDB?

ComposeDB is a composable graph database built on Ceramic, designed for Web3 applications.

ComposeDB on Ceramic stores and manages data while delivering fast queries and a catalog of plug-and-play data models. Developers, data scientists, and architects use it as the graph data layer for Web3.

Why ComposeDB?

  • Store and query data with powerful, easy-to-use GraphQL APIs
  • Build faster with a catalog of plug-and-play schemas
  • Bootstrap content by plugging into a composable data ecosystem
  • Deliver great UX with sign-in with Ethereum, Solana, and more
  • Eliminate trust and guarantee data verifiability
  • Scale your Web3 data infrastructure beyond L1 or L2 blockchains

What are the Common Use Cases?

  • Decentralized identity - user profiles, credentials, reputation systems
  • Web3 social - social graphs, posts, reactions, comments, messages
  • DAO tools - proposals, projects, tasks, votes, contribution graphs
  • Open information graphs - DeSci graphs, knowledge graphs, discourse graphs

How to Get Started

  • See how it works - Explore the ComposeDB Sandbox, a web-based environment to interact with ComposeDB. Run some queries, interact with data, learn about the core concepts.
  • Create your first Ceramic app - As easy as running npx create-ceramic-app, run your first local Ceramic app and start diving into code.
  • Set up your environment - Learn how to set up your development environment to start building with ComposeDB. Experience the real Ceramic network, either on the testnet or mainnet.
  • Create your composite - Learn how to create your first composite, a reusable data model that can be used across different applications.
  • Interact with data - Learn how to interact with data in ComposeDB, from creating, reading, updating, and deleting data to running complex queries.
  • Core ComposeDB concepts - Learn about the core concepts of ComposeDB, such as composites, schemas, and queries.

Join Ceramic Community 💜

Ceramic has a large and active community of developers. Here's how you can connect with us:

  • Forum - The best place to ask questions and to search for answers.
  • Discord - Join the conversation with other developers and the Ceramic team.
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter for updates and announcements.
  • GitHub - Check out the Ceramic GitHub organization to find all the repositories and projects.