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Scaffold a new Ceramic app

Get up and running quickly with a basic ComposeDB application with one command.


  • Operating system: Linux, Mac, or Windows (only WSL2)
  • Node.js v20 - If you are using a different version, please use nvm to install Node.js v20 for best results.
  • npm v10 - Installed automatically with NodeJS v20

You can easily create a simple ComposeDB starter project by using our CLI and running the following command:

npx create-ceramic-app

This command will create a new directory with a basic ComposeDB application (a social app). It will clone the app from repository, install all dependencies, launch a local Ceramic node, a local GraphQL server and start the app.

Once you have an opportunity to play with an example app and see how it works, you can start building your own app. For that, you will probably want to have more control over your environment and the code. You can find more information on how to set up your environment in the Set up your environment section.