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Using Relay GraphQL Client

Relay is a popular GraphQL client for React.


  • Install the composedb packages
  • Install the relay-runtimepackage
  • A compiled composite


The ComposeDB client can be used with Relay by creating a custom network layer, as shown:

import { ComposeClient } from '@composedb/client'
import { Environment, Network, RecordSource, Store } from 'relay-runtime'

// Path to compiled composite
import { definition } from './__generated__/definition.js'

const compose = new ComposeClient({ ceramic: 'http://localhost:7007', definition })

// Create custom Network using ComposeClient instance to execute operations
const network = Network.create(async (request, variables) => {
return await client.executeQuery(request.text, variables)

// Use created Network instance to create Relay Environment
export const environment = new Environment({ network, store: new Store(new RecordSource()) })