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The Ceramic network

Ceramic is a decentralized network for composable data.

Ceramic makes building applications with composable Web3 data as easy as browsing a marketplace of data models, plugging them into your app, and storing, updating, and retrieving data from those models. When different applications reuse the same data models, their data is automatically interoperable. By decentralizing application databases, Ceramic makes data composable and reusable across all applications.

Getting started

Build applications with Ceramic

Connect your app to Ceramic using a development framework or client library.

Frameworks provide a great way to get started quickly, while clients provide greater flexibility but require a lower-level understanding of how the network functions.

Don't know what to build with composable data? Check out these data models to get your creativity flowing.

Operate the Ceramic network

Provide storage, compute, and bandwidth to the network by running a node.

Today there are no tokenized incentives for running a Ceramic node, but by running a node you can ensure the data for your app remains available while helping contribute to the network's decentralization.

Join the community

  • Join our Forum to ask questions and get support

  • Join the Discord to discuss the Ceramic Network

  • Follow us on Twitter for updates

  • Read the blog for news, announcements, and tutorials

  • Watch the Youtube channel for videos and presentations

  • Work on Ceramic through open roles at 3Box Labs