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Ceramic Developers

Welcome to the Ceramic developer site. Whether you want to learn how the Ceramic protocol works, explore standards and tooling, or get started building, this site has the resources for you.


Overview: Learn about Ceramic's decentralized content computation protocol


Playground: A demo application that uses Ceramic with 3ID Connect and IDX in a web browser

Tiles: A Ceramic network explorer


Quick start: Get up to speed on the basics using the CLI

Installation: Install Ceramic in your project

Standards and tools

StreamTypes: Various StreamTypes developed by the community

Schemas: Useful data models to help you get started

DIDs: DID methods that can be used for authentication

IDX: A protocol and framework for identity-centric data management

IdentityLink: A service that issues verifiable claims which link a DID to various Web2 social accounts

3ID Connect: An SDK that allows users to authenticate their DID with various blockchain wallets


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