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Ceramic Developers


We're onboarding the first projects to Mainnet from the waitlist. If you want to deploy to mainnet in the near future, sign up for the Mainnet waitlist.

While on the waitlist, you can always develop and prototype your integration on the Clay Testnet. Demonstrating a fully-functioning integration that is ready for mainnet is a great way to increase your odds of being selected from the waitlist. If you have questions or need further prioritization, you can join the Discord and let us know.

Ceramic is a decentralized, open source platform for creating, hosting, and sharing streams of data. With Ceramic's permissionless data streaming network, you can store streams of information and ever-changing files directly on the decentralized web – and share updates with anyone in the world.

Whether you want to learn how the Ceramic protocol works, explore standards and tooling, or get started building – this site has the resources for you.


Overview: Learn about Ceramic's decentralized data streaming platform

Features: Explore core features and capabilities

Use cases: Dive into common use cases

Glossary: A glossary of important terms and concepts


Explorers: Discover and inspect streams on the Ceramic network

Projects: Browse community projects built on Ceramic

Samples: Try Ceramic using a demo or sample application


Quick start: Get up to speed on the basics using the CLI

Installation: Install Ceramic in your project

Run a node: Set up and run your own Ceramic node

Standards and tools

StreamTypes: StreamTypes developed by the community

IDX: Protocol and SDK for building apps with decentralized identity and user-controlled data storage

3ID Connect: Authentication SDK that allows users to interact with Ceramic using various blockchain wallets


Join the Discord to ask questions and engage with the community

Follow us on Twitter for updates

Read the blog for news, announcements, and tutorials

Watch the Youtube channel for videos and presentations

Work on Ceramic through open roles at 3Box Labs