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Highlighted projects

Whether you're building a new feature for your product or using Ceramic for your next hackathon entry, here's some successful projects, useful tools, and popular use-cases for Ceramic to get excited about!

Note: We do our best to keep these links and list of projects as up-to-date as possible. If you see any issues with the content below, please drop by our Discord and let us know.

Ecosystem support

Plugins and tools to enhance Ceramic's underlying functionality.

Project Description Demo Code Repo
Cerscan Explorer for the Ceramic Network testnet and mainnet. Built by the Orbis team. Example
IdentityLink Services for issuing verifiable credentials that link a decentralized identifier (DID) to various social accounts including Twitter, Github, and Discord. Demo Github
Lit Protocol Lit Protocol facilitates gated access to encrypted content/data on Ceramic using tokens, NFTs, and blockchain identity as keys. Demo Github
Self.ID SDK Self.ID is a framework that makes it easy to build on Ceramic with Ethereum-based authentication and composable, user-centric data storage and retrieval. Reference app Github
Spruce Toolkit for decentralized identity, helping developers integrate everything they need to sign, share, and verify trusted information. Co-author of the Sign-In With Ethereum standard. Blog Post Github
Tiles Explorer Tiles is a document browser and explorer that gives insight into all the real-time activity happening on Ceramic. No longer actively maintained. Github

Apps built with Ceramic

Projects for popular use-cases built using Ceramic by valued partners, community members, and hackathon participants.

User Profiles

Decentralized universal profiles available for use throughout the web3 metaverse.

Project Description Demo Code Repo
DAOHaus To help DAOs better understand who is participating in thier communities, DAOhaus is using Ceramic to create rich and robust member profiles. Blog Post Github uses Ceramic to allow users to create and manage a universal profile.
Titter Titter is a prototype of a web3-native social application, using Ceramic for editable, self-sovereign user profiles. Demo Github


This includes any publicly veriable attestations for skills, credentials, and contribution scores.

Project Description Demo Code Repo
C-Voxel C-Voxel is your visualized work history on web3 generated and stored on Ceramic. Github
Deep Skills Deep Skills is a platform to help DAOs recruit & coordinate workflows amongst team members, using Ceramic to store contributor credentials.) Hackathon Submission Github
Gateway Gateway is a DAO discovery and contributor reputation platform, aiming to build the LinkedIn for Web3 storing employment credentials on Ceramic. User Demo Admin Demo
Gitcoin Passport Gitcoin Passport allows users to prove their identity through a secure, decentralized UI which issues verifiable credentials stored on Ceramic. Demo Github
Intuition An Identity System where users can "stake" claims about their identity, allowing the public to view and verify, resulting in an aggregate confidence score in the claim, using Ceramic to store credentials and social connections. Demo Github is an open identity verification protocol, DAO and marketplace for Web3 Verifiable Credential. Demo Github
SuperSkills Lab Built in partnership with the Lego Foundation, SuperSkills Lab is a learning application for children, using Ceramic to issue credentials for earned skills. Blog Post

User-generated Content

Includes social media posts, comments, votes, blogs, and social graphs, to name a few.

Project Description Demo Code Repo Convo is a decentralized conversation protocol that separates social data from applications, creating a unified conversation layer that can work across applications by linking data to a user’s unique decentralized identity. Blog Post Github
CyberConnect CyberConnect is building the open social graph for Web3. Blog Post Github
HashChat Protocol to enable wallet-to-wallet messages that are fully encrypted and disappearing. Hackathon Submission Github
Headline Headline is a decentralized publishing platform built by Unlock Protocol where a creator’s content is fully self-sovereign. Demo
Link3 Link3 by CyberConnect is a verified and trusted way for projects to publish their info and links, with all content stored on Ceramic streams. Example
Minds Minds is a web3 social network using Ceramic to store user profile data. Demo Github
Orbis Club Orbis is a decentralized version of Twitter built on Ceramic, where user’s posts are stored as Ceramic streams. Demo

Dynamic NFTs

NFTs backed by off-chain data storage with content that can change and evolve over time.

Project Description Demo Code Repo
DoinGud DoinGud is building a cross-chain, interoperable NFT ecosystem focused on social impact initiatives, using Ceramic to store dynamic NFT content and metadata, attached to user identities. Blog Post
FungyProof FungyProof Cases are used to grade NFTs on their technical soundness, using Ceramic for dynamically appending metadata to an NFT over time. Blog Post