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Read-only interactions

The package provides APIs for read-only access to records associated to a DID in Node.JS and browser environments.

Before trying to interact with the following APIs, make sure to have a configured Core instance

Using the Core class

A Core instance can be used directly to read a record, using the get() method with a definition alias as first argument and the DID string as second argument:

import { Core } from ''

const core = new Core(...)

const profile = await core.get('basicProfile', 'did:3:...')

Core API reference

Using the PublicID class

For use-cases when it is useful to keep track of a specific DID and possibly reading records multiple times, the PublicID class can be used to wrap a DID string:

import { Core, PublicID } from ''

const core = new Core(...)
const aliceID = 'did:3:123...'

// rather than using the Core instance directly as followed...
const [profile, accounts] = await Promise.all([
  core.get('basicProfile', aliceID),
  core.get('cryptoAccounts', aliceID),

// ... a PublicID instance can be used:
const alice = new PublicID({ core, id: aliceID })
const [profile, accounts] = await Promise.all([

PublicID API reference