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Self.ID is a SDK for building user-centric Web applications using Ceramic and related decentralized technologies, along with a reference application to show and edit profiles.



Login and connect blockchain wallets: Self.ID integrates 3ID Connect for authentication to allow users to create and use a 3ID DID from one or more existing blockchain wallets.

Basic profiles: Self.ID allows users to create and/or edit a basic profile for their 3ID DID. To achieve this, Self.ID integrates the DID DataStore to create and query records that conform to the Basic Profile definition and schema (CIP-19).

Built on open standards: Self.ID is entirely built on open standards developed by the Ceramic community and the broader decentralized identity ecosystem. All Self.ID functionality can be recreated in any other application, and all data can be queried by any application.


Many functionalities implemented in the Self.ID application are exposed by the Self.ID SDK, made of the following packages:


The Core package can be used to read public records in Node and browser environments. You can read more about configuration and read-only interactions in the following pages if these docs.

Core API reference


The Web package can be used to authenticate and write records in browser environments. You can read more about authentication and writes in the following pages if these docs.

Web API reference


A React-based framework combines many of the SDK packages to provide a high-level abstraction for applications to get started using Self.ID.

Framework documentation

Utility packages

Additional utility packages are provided by the SDK to help support more specific use-cases.