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Various tools such as libraries, CLIs and services are created on top of Ceramic to provide abstractions and specific solutions to some common use-cases.


The Glaze umbrella includes projects providing low-level solutions on top of Ceramic. Each project focuses on a specific scope, using a restricted number of dependencies on top of Ceramic.

Glaze overview


Self.ID is both a reference application and a SDK providing higher-level abstractions to create user-centric Web applications. It leverages Glaze projects and 3ID Connect to offer a simple way to help Web developers get started with the Ceramic ecosystem.

Self.ID overview


IDX refers to both the Identity Index specification and a set of tools (libraries and CLI).

While the specification is still actively used, the IDX SDK and tools are now deprecated in favor of Glaze and Self.ID presented above.

IDX overview

IdentityLink is a service that issues verifiable claims which prove that a DID owns one or more Web2 social accounts.

IdentityLink overview