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IdentityLink is a service that issues verifiable claims which prove that a DID owns one or more Web2 social accounts. Once issued these claims can be stored anywhere, however it is recommended to store them in a user's Identity Index (IDX) under the Also Known As definition.


DID Methods

IdentityLink works with all DID methods.

Web2 Platforms

IdentityLink currently supports:

  • Twitter
  • Github
  • Discord
  • Discourse
  • Telegram
  • Instagram (coming soon)

How it works

Public DNS

For platforms that allow users to post content to public DNS endpoints (i.e. Twitter, Github):

Private servers

For platforms that restrict messages to private servers (i.e. Telegram, Discord):


Add more about how to add it to your project.

Point to the relevant instructions on how to run it yourself.

Learn more

Visit the IdentityLink repository on Github for full documentation.