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Each stream on Ceramic must be created using a specific StreamType. StreamTypes are programmable functions responsible for processing all updates to the stream and enforcing logic such as storage, consensus, and authentication. Different StreamTypes have different APIs for performing writes, and some also have particular methods for performing reads. To perform operations on streams, see the API page for the respective StreamTypes below.

Default StreamTypes

These StreamTypes are included in every Ceramic client and node implementation by default. Applications can make use of them without any additional work by simply using their APIs.


TileDocuments are streams that store JSON content and support JSON schema validation. They can serve as JSON document stores for arbitrary application data.

Overview API

Caip10Links are streams that store proofs which publicly link a blockchain account to a DID. They serve to link one or more Web3 accounts to a DID.

Overview API

Custom StreamTypes

It is possible to develop custom StreamTypes for use within your application. We will soon add a guide describing how this works.