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Run nodes

Ceramic node operators are responsible for hosting the various Ceramic networks. Ceramic clients need to connect to nodes in order to access the network.

The guides below describe how to run a daemonized Ceramic node that can be used as a remote node by the JS HTTP Client or the Ceramic CLI.

Who needs to run a node?

Application developers can get started building by connecting their clients to one of the nodes hosted by community members, but before moving to production you will need to run a node for your application.

We're working with commercial node provides to offer production Ceramic nodes-as-a-service. We will update this page as those become available.

Launching a node

When running a node it is best to start by connecting to the Clay testnet. When you are ready to move to mainnet, reach out to the 3Box Labs team on Discord:

Run Ceramic in development →

Set up a local Ceramic node for development and testing purposes.

Run Ceramic in production →

Run a reliable, performant Ceramic node in the cloud or on bare metal for use by production applications.