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Arguments used to generate the metadata for Tile documents


  • TileMetadataArgs



Optional controllers

controllers: Array<string>

The DID(s) that are allowed to author updates to this TileDocument

Optional deterministic

deterministic: boolean

If true, then two calls to TileDocument.create() with the same content and the same metadata will only create a single document with the same StreamID. If false, then otherwise identical documents will generate unique StreamIDs and be able to be updated independently.


use deterministic function instead

Optional family

family: string

Allows grouping similar documents into "families". Primarily used by indexing services.

Optional forbidControllerChange

forbidControllerChange: boolean

If true, all changes to the 'controllers' array are disallowed. This guarantees that the Stream will always have the same controller. Especially useful for Streams controlled by DIDs that can have ownership changes within the DID itself, such as did:nft, as setting this would prevent the current holder of the NFT from changing the Stream's controller to that user's personal DID, which would prevent the ownership of the Stream from changing the next time the NFT is traded.

Optional schema

schema: CommitID | string

If specified, must refer to another TileDocument whose contents are a JSON-schema specification. The content of this document will then be enforced to conform to the linked schema.

Optional tags

tags: Array<string>

Allows tagging documents with additional information. Primarily used by indexing services.