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DID Resolvers

A DID resolver is a small library that takes a DID string and returns a DID Document. Ceramic uses DID resolvers to verify transactions by comparing the signature on the transaction to the controller of the document. For the transaction to be valid, a public key corresponding to the transaction must be present in the DID Document of the DID listed as a controller. Below you can find references for the main did-resolver package as well as plugins for specific DID Methods.

DID Resolver

The main library needed to start resolving DIDs is the did-resolver package. It is maintained by the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and can be found at their github:



3ID DID Resolver

The 3ID DID Method is a DID that is implemented on top of Ceramic using the tile doctype. The 3ID DID resolver uses Ceramic to resolve DIDs.


Key DID Resolver

The Key DID Method is the most simple DID method. It simply encodes a public key in the DID string, and when resolved converts this public key into a DID Document.


did:key specification