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Mainnet is live!

After over a year of development, we're excited to announce that the first projects are onboarding to Ceramic Mainnet. Their integrations are currently being tested and their names will be added here once they go live.



Mutable files for NFTs: GeoWeb is creating a fair and open augmented reality (AR) metaverse where digital land is represented by NFTs and content for the land is stored in one or more streams on Ceramic.


Stream browser: Tiles is a browser-based explorer where you can see a feed of all streams created on mainnet, and dive into the details of any particular stream.

About Mainnet

Rollout plan

To stress-test network stability and performance in production, Ceramic Mainnet is being rolled out in phases. At this time, only projects selected from the waitlist can deploy to Mainnet. This happens in cohorts. As we validate that the network performs favorably under these conditions, we will fully open up Mainnet to the public.

Sign up

If you want to deploy to mainnet in the near future, sign up for the Mainnet waitlist.

While on the waitlist, you can always develop and prototype your integration on the Clay testnet. Demonstrating a fully-functioning integration that is ready for mainnet is a great way to increase your odds of being selected from the waitlist. If you have questions or need further prioritization, you can join the Discord and let us know.