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Ceramic Blog

The Ceramic Blog contains news, announcements, videos, as well as helpful tutorials and resources for building with Ceramic. Check it out to get inspired for your next project.

The next architecture for building Web3 data apps: We're replacing the popular IDX runtime with a more powerful set of tools for building applications on Ceramic including DID DataStore, DataModels, and Self.ID.

What is Ceramic: Ceramic is a decentralized content computation network for a world of open source information.

Ceramic Mainnet Early Launch Program: Sign up today to deploy your project on the Ceramic Mainnet before it's open to the general public.

How to build a simple notes app with IDX: Learn how to build a simple note taking application where users own their data with IDX and React.

How to store signed and encrypted data on IPFS: Learn how to store signed and encrypted data directly in IPFS using two new standards: dag-jose and EIP-2844.

Trust minimized off-chain conviction voting: How to implement a conviction voting system using verifiable, off-chain data on Ceramic.

Learn how to manage user data in a Web3 app with IDX: Learn how to manage user data for your Web3 application with IDX. This talk is a workshop from tthe ETHDenver 2021 hackathon.

Standards for encrypted and mutable data on IPFS: Joel talks about new standards for signed, encrypted, mutable data on IPFS. This is a talk from the ETHDenver 2021 hackathon.

The evolution of digital identity: Michael talks about the evolution of digital identity from servers, to key pairs, to DIDs and IDX. A presentation from the ETHDever 2021 hackathon.