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Community projects

This page contains a list of community projects built on Ceramic.

Boardroom (coming soon)

Governance forums: BoardRoom uses Ceramic, IDX, and 3ID Connect to store proposals, comments, votes, and other user-generated content for their decentralized governance application.


Mutable files for NFTs: GeoWeb is creating a fair and open augmented reality (AR) metaverse where digital land is represented by NFTs and content for the land is represented by one or more streams on Ceramic.

Learn more about GeoWeb and how they're using Ceramic in the GeoWeb Spotlight.

MetaGame (coming soon)

Multi-app user profiles: MetaGame uses Ceramic, IDX, and 3ID Connect to store profile data for Ethereum users that can be consumed, added to, or extended by any app in the Web3 metaverse.

ArcX (coming soon)

Decentralized document database: ArcX uses Ceramic to store mutable JSON documents, similar to a NoSQL document store.

Daemon.Land (coming soon)

Multi-app data: Developers on the Daemon.Land platform use Ceramic and IDX to store user data, which makes it easy for users and their data to freely travel between different apps built with Daemon.Land.

RabbitHole (coming soon)

Cross-chain identity and reputation: RabbitHole uses Ceramic, IDX, and 3ID Connect to link multiple Web3 wallets and Web2 accounts to a unified, cross-chain DID. After calculating an aggregate reputation score for this DID, they issue and store a verifiable credential in the user's IDX so it's usable on any other Web3 application.

The Convo Space (coming soon)

DNS.XYZ (coming soon)

Web3 profiles: DNS.XYZ uses Ceramic and IDX to allow users to create and manage a universal multi-account profile for the Web3 metaverse.

FungyProof (coming soon)

NFT grading and enrichments: FungyProof uses Ceramic to store a cross-chain, aggregate view of NFTs and their associated data including: grade/quality, digital cases, events/press, achievements, and more. NFT Owners can improve their NFTs by adding enrichments and modify the NFTs public profile to highlight the characteristics they choose.

More projects

See Awesome Ceramic for a list of community projects built on Ceramic.