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Data Models Registry

The Data Models Registry → is home to all of the data models that have been created by other developers in the Ceramic community which you can reuse when building your application. Using data models from the registry promotes data composability by giving your application access to existing data on the network and helps avoid unnecessarily creating new data models.

Available data models

Visit the Data Models Registry → for a full list of available data models. Although we cannot list every data model in the registry, here is a sampling of what can be found there:

Data model Description Maintainer
identity-profile-basic Stores a user's profile 3Box Labs
identity-accounts-web Stores verifiable credentials that link a user's Web2 accounts to their Ceramic account 3Box Labs
identity-accounts-crypto Stores a list of CAIP-10 Links that link a user's Web3 accounts to their Ceramic account 3Box Labs
social-connections Stores a user's social graph CyberConnect

Adding your models to the registry

If none of the data models in the Data Models Registry suit your needs, you can create new data models using the Glaze CLI or the Glaze DevTools library. After creating your data models, you can submit them to the registry!