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Data models

Data models are collections of one or more streams, specified by their schemas and definitions, that comprise a single higher-order data structure on Ceramic. Typically, data models are used to represent an application feature such as blog posts, a social graph, or a user profile. Most Ceramic applications are built with more than one data model.

Data models are open standards created by the community that form the basis of data composability on Ceramic. When multiple applications reuse the same data model, they get access to the same data.

Building with data models

Data Models Registry →

The Data Models Registry is home to the data models that developers wish to make available for reuse. We recommend starting there to discover which data models are available to use when building. Using data models from the registry promotes data composability by giving your application access to existing data on the network and helps avoid unnecessarily creating new data models.

Creating new data models

If none of the data models in the Data Models Registry suit your needs, you can create new data models using one of the methods below. After creating your data models, we recommend submitting them to the registry to enable reuse by others.