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Safe DID Method

Safe DID is experimental. Please reach out in Discord to provide feedback.

The Safe DID Method (CIP-101) is a DID method that can be used to authenticate to Ceramic to perform writes to streams that rely on DIDs for authentication. Safe DID is a lightweight DID method with permissions that change based on on-chain Gnosis Safe contract permissions.

How it works

The Safe DID Method turns every Gnosis Safe contract into a DID capable of controlling streams on Ceramic. Write permissions for streams whose controller is set to a Safe DID are restricted to the DIDs of the blockchain accounts that control the Gnosis Safe contract. When Gnosis Safe controller permissions change on-chain, so do the write permissions to streams owned by the Safe. Safe DID is on the W3C's official DID method registry and is fully compliant with decentralized identity standards.


Read the Safe DID Method (CIP-101) Specification.